Tennessee Sanctuary Movement Continues to Gather Steam

Last night was a great night for the Tennessee 2A Sanctuary Movement. Lewis, Hawkins, Grundy, Wilson and Washington Counties each had a Resolution vote. White and Rutherford Counties each had readings and hearings scheduled.

ALL Resolutions passed! Lewis, Hawkins, Grundy and Wilson Counties are now 2A Sancturay Counties!

White and Rutherford Counties Resolutions now move forward to either a vote or hearing in the next committee.

This is not to say it was all smooth sailing. One particular County proved to be the challenge of the night.  Wilson County, specifically. Without a STRONG 2A Supporter turn out last night (and a VERY vocal one at that) it is the feeling of the supporters present that the outcome WOULD have been VERY different. It appears that the focus on the minds of several of the Commissioners was NOT on passing the Resolution, but rather tabling it,  indefinitely.

In fact, a motion TO table it WAS made, seconded and voted on. Wilson County voters might want to make a note of the names of who made the motion (McFarland) to table, the motion (Ashe) to second it and those (Reich, Scruggs, Ashe, Robinson, Jones, Stafford) who voted TO table it. (See the picture below).

Once that was defeated, and the actual vote to PASS the resolution occurred, Ashe, Stafford, Robinson and Reich than voted  ABSTAIN. (See picture upper left).

Wilson County is the perfect example of WHY 2A Supporters MUST turn out.  Never think your voice doesn’t matter or your presence won’t make a difference!

Let’s keep to momentum moving forward Tennessee!

Thank you to Dawna LoPiccola for her contribution to this post. Her reporting on the Wilson County Vote was invaluable.

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