How Does the Pandemic Affect the 2nd Amendment? Perhaps more than we think!

Editors Note: We have deliberately kept discussion of COVID-19 OFF the website, as we want to keep discussion FOCUSED on the 2A. However, we are seeing to more and more evidence that the pandemic is being used as a political tool to suppress your Constitutional Rights. The views in this article are the views of the guest contributor and do not necessarily the reflect 
views of the 2A Movement staff. 

Under Constant Attack by the Left….

Our 2nd Amendment Rights have been threatened more than ever in the past decade as anti-gun groups push for gun control legislation.  Democrats have targeted the 2nd Amendment in order to gain votes and to maintain control and power, while gun confiscation is the hidden agenda of the United Nations.  The 2nd Amendment sets us apart from any other country in the world – without it we would become vulnerable to dictatorship. 

We have seen the hate for President of the United States to ASTOUNDING measures.  In fact, no President in the history of America has ever been so attacked while in office.

Can we blame Obama for everything?  Of course not.  What is happening in our country started long before Obama.

Behind the scenes ……

Many Democratic Governors calling for people to “stay home” shut down many local “non-essential” businesses, including many gun stores.   Gun owners everywhere found themselves unable to buy weapons or ammunition in a time where violence has the potential to skyrocket, especially with people being out of work.  After the situation was brought to the President’s attention he was quick to “declare” gun shops “essential” businesses.

Additionally, Democrats certainly wasted no time submitting  H.R. 5717 before the House floor, which is one of the biggest gun control bills in the history of our nation.  The bill discusses limiting ownership to “only” those with permits, and included background checks and registration of all sales, etc.

Similarly, while negotiating “relief” for those affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, many of the Democrats and their leader, Pelosi, had no problem delaying assistance for the American people in order to assure their interests and agenda was represented in the bill. Why would funding the Kennedy Center of Fine Arts $25 M dollars be more important than American’s who are suffering? Or the Center for Humanities? Why were they willing to withhold help to AMERICAN CITIZENS until they got their pork?

Interestingly enough the Democrats are using the deaths related to the COVID-19 in order to criticize Trump for his actions and handling of the situation concerning COVID-19.  In an interview Pelosi has already stated that, “Trump was too slow in acting,” and “this was something that warranted investigating.” Any smell another Impeachment Hearing coming yet?

Constant Attacks …..and Hatred

Michael Bloomberg, previously a Democratic candidate for the office of President, was quick to join forces with “anti-gun” activists group Mom’s Demand Action in efforts to attack gun ownership in America.   Bloomberg has invested millions of dollars in the campaign for gun control by bankrolling Mom’s Demand Action and establishing Everytown for Gun Safety.

Biden, Warren, Sanders, Bloomberg, and every candidate that was running for the Presidency was promising gun control measures and threatening the 2nd Amendment “rights” in this country under the Constitution, while pushing their socialistic agenda’s such as health care for all, abortion and many others including their support of the United Nations.

It was obvious after the Impeachment Hearing that the Democrats were totally against the President.  Not to mention all the ads where various politicians called for violence against both Trump and his supporters.

Could a “tailspin” in the Economy Cost Trump the Presidency?


Millions of American’s are now on unemployment as we watch the stock market plummet.  Many lost their jobs and ability to support their families as a result of “social distancing” measures recommended by the CDC and NIH and NIAID, which are all a part of the Health and Human Services in the US, and the WHO.

Having ones’ financial circumstances threatened for weeks and possibly months by the shut down of many area businesses across the country has lead to much controversy over social distancing in America.   While I am not going to talk about the Corona-Virus specifically and focus on the 2nd Amendment, I will say individual beliefs regarding issues like  social distancing and whether or not the death rate warrants such drastic measure that have the potential of destroying our economy and causing a great recession is not only dividing this country further, but also dividing gun owners as a whole.   As a result, Democrats as well as some Republicans have started criticizing the President for what they feel is unnecessary “social distancing” and financial hardships caused by the shut down of many businesses that has lead to the loss of incomes and financial instability and inability to provide for their families.

Currently several states have called in the National Guard to assist with supplies and setting up additional treatment facilities.  Yet many remember the tragedy of Katrina when the calling in of the National Guard to help with rescue efforts resulted in gun confiscation from residents that had refused to comply with leaving their home during the evacuation.  Although there was a court order to return the citizens property, some still report that their property was not returned.  As a result, many gun owners fear the possibility of “Martial Law” being enacted to enforce “Stay Home Orders” by various Democratic governors across the country that are being hit the hardest, such as New York and California.   Gun owners believe that the governors in blue states will use this as an opportunity for gun confiscation and further infringements on the 2nd Amendment.   These beliefs are justified by the previous actions of both the governor of California and Virginia as well as others that have spoken against the 2nd Amendment.

So could the loss of ones’ job and incomes that are vital in providing for ones’ family be a pivotal point that causes some gun owners to turn their backs on the President and vote for the opposing candidate? Possibly!

Should Democrats Gain Control? 

If the Democrats can tank the economy and prevent Trump from getting re-elected, regain control of both the House and the Senate, and have a Democratic President in office – it is a win-win situation for them.

The worst thing that gun owners can do right now is to divide.   Without a the “united” front that was shown by gun owners across the state of Virginia and those that attended the huge Rally in Virginia we are no longer a voice or political threat to Democratic party.   Rest assured that the Democrats would like nothing more than to see division among gun owners which would enable them to pass gun control legislation with little to no resistance.

Should Democrats gain control you can rest assured that they will re-write the Constitution ONE BILL AT A TIME or  could enact the 28th AMENDMENT that abolishes gun ownership in this country altogether.

How Possible Is a 28th Amendment? 

What could happen if a 28th Amendment was proposed by Congress with a Democratic majority?   Congress could introduced an Amendment in one of two ways:  1) by passing both houses with 2/3’s vote and then being sent to the states legislators for ratification;  or 2)  proposed by congress and ratified by a Convention of the States.   Either way ratification of an Amendment would require a 3/4 vote or for 38 states to agree.

Additionally, there are two other ways to Amend the Constitution without ratification.  The first is called Informal Amendment.”   First, “Informal Amendment” can occur for two reasons:  either a “change in circumstances” or when it is proven that the “meaning changed over time.”   Both reasons for an “Informal Amendment” have been used before.  An example under “change in circumstances” was changing the voting age to extend the right to  a larger group.  Changing an Amendment when “meaning changed over time”  involves the judicial  system and determines how an Amendment will be viewed – an examples would be how we viewed such things as marriage and abortion .  Lastly, an Amendment can or changed by the popular vote of the people through a  “national vote” and thus, is called the “Popular Amendment,” although this method has never been used.

While ratification has been used several times through legislation, it would be much easier to enact an “Informal Amendment” with control of both houses.   Similarly, while a “Popular Amendment” has never been enacted  “if” a party believed that there was enough support they could call for a national vote.   Either of these avenues could be devastating to our 2nd Amendment rights.

So what can we do?   

The answer is pretty obvious!                                                                                           

  1. Stay United
  2. Stay Home
  3. Remain Calm
  4. Keep up to date on Gun Legislation and what is happening
  5. Continue to push for 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties – most of your commissioner’s phone numbers are online
  6. Continue to Prepare
  7. AND STOP CRITICIZING THE PRESIDENT  for trying to protect the American people in this difficult situation – undecided voter’s are listening to our negative remarks about the President!
  8. And do what you can to help others!  That is what being American is all about!

Remember:  We need to protect the 2nd Amendment and to do that we need Trump to be re-elected! 

God Bless America!





Author: Rita Painter

I am a Registered Nurse of 20 years; a mother of three sons; the grandmother of three granddaughters; born in a small community (Greeneville) in Tennessee; who's father was a construction worker and who's mother worked in a factory; a decedent of both Cherokee Indian and Scottish / Irish settlers and of Andrew Jackson. I was not born with a silver spoon, and worked very hard to put myself through college to become a nurse which was my childhood dream. I give tribute to my father who I lost in my twenties, but taught me to stand up for what I believed in at all costs and instilled in me that there was nothing too big to accomplish. Many in my family have served in various branches of the armed forces, and my love for this country only grows deeper as the freedoms that I cherished as a child of the 60's are slowly disappearing. It has always been my desire to give back to the community and to help those in need, and to leave this world a better place. I am registered permit holder in the state of TN and proud to be a 2nd Amendment Advocate / Activist as I believe in the right to protect ourselves, our families, and our property from harm and invasion; I believe in the American Dream and the Ideology in which this nation was founded, and want my children and grandchildren to experience the same freedoms that people in this nation have too long taken for granted. I believe that we are the generation that is the turning point in history and that it is our job to take responsibility for the current status of our nation and to stand together to preserve our inalienable rights under the Constitution. We cannot afford to ignore the attacks by the liberal society any longer. We must stand for what is right and just or our nation will fall.

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