Standing for Freedom Together

Congress would like for you to believe that the ones I the picture on the left are criminals; however, they are the ones that have more often been the ones in the picture on the Right side – both proud to be American and Fighting for Freedoms and Liberties.   2nd Amendment Supporters are not protesters that are out blocking traffic and destroying property – why were those individuals not referred to as “criminals” by the news media and congress?  Instead, most 2nd Amendment Supports are Law Abiding Citizens that work and support this country, and many are Veterans made many sacrifices  and served their country, defending the Constitution so that we could know “Freedom,” and working class citizens that are the backbone of this country.

The 2nd Amendment ensures “We the People” that the scales of “Justice” will be equally balanced and not tilted in the favor of the politician, and that we ever know the “Liberties,” “Freedoms,” and “Inalienable Rights” that many have died to protect.  Therefore, we must stand united shoulder to shoulder against the infringements being placed upon the Bill of Rights by many in congress so that future generations know the same freedoms that we have known.

The Constitution was pinned for “We the People,” and NOT “We the Congress,” NOT their agenda, and NOT for their profit.  America does not need their Socialistic One World Order.  We will NOT bow to a Dictatorship.  American’s are coming together and standing together all over this country making their voices heard – We have had ENOUGH!



Author: Rita Painter

I am a Registered Nurse of 20 years; a mother of three sons; the grandmother of three granddaughters; born in a small community (Greeneville) in Tennessee; who's father was a construction worker and who's mother worked in a factory; a decedent of both Cherokee Indian and Scottish / Irish settlers and of Andrew Jackson. I was not born with a silver spoon, and worked very hard to put myself through college to become a nurse which was my childhood dream. I give tribute to my father who I lost in my twenties, but taught me to stand up for what I believed in at all costs and instilled in me that there was nothing too big to accomplish. Many in my family have served in various branches of the armed forces, and my love for this country only grows deeper as the freedoms that I cherished as a child of the 60's are slowly disappearing. It has always been my desire to give back to the community and to help those in need, and to leave this world a better place. I am registered permit holder in the state of TN and proud to be a 2nd Amendment Advocate / Activist as I believe in the right to protect ourselves, our families, and our property from harm and invasion; I believe in the American Dream and the Ideology in which this nation was founded, and want my children and grandchildren to experience the same freedoms that people in this nation have too long taken for granted. I believe that we are the generation that is the turning point in history and that it is our job to take responsibility for the current status of our nation and to stand together to preserve our inalienable rights under the Constitution. We cannot afford to ignore the attacks by the liberal society any longer. We must stand for what is right and just or our nation will fall.

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