Time for Keyboard Warriors to Unite.

While the Patriot keyboard warriors have been busy complaining about wearing masks, the Anit-2A Folks have been laser-focused on continuing the march to strip us of the right to bear arms.

Subway has now joined the ranks of those prohibiting open carry in their restaurants. EVEN WHEN IT’S LEGAL IN THE STATE. It is not enough to simply eat elsewhere folks.

Stop using your keyboard to complain on FB. Use your keyboard to complain to the corporations directly. Let your local and state representative know. Contact the developer that owns the property the shops are on and complain that they have a tenant that is prohibiting you from exercising your constitutional right.

Those who believe in the Constitution as the law of the land can no longer afford to sit on their collective diffs. Just because the NRA, TFA, GOA , etc. lobbies for gun rights doesn’t mean you stop. (In spite of the attitude some gun lobby groups have that because THEY know it all you should sit, pay your dues and be silent).

YOUR collective voice is actually more powerful. Get your friends together. have ONE write a form email that everyone can copy and paste. Flood your reps with those emails. Tell them to tell their friends and pass it on….it’s not hard folks.

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