Did you bother to vote in August?

TN has put itself in the position that is will have TWO choices for Senate: Rino Tweedle-Dee and Democratic Tweedle Dum.  One who accepted campaign contributions from Mitt Romney (although he DID return it 30 DAYS later), supported Romney during HIS campaigns. He even worked to elect Trumps’ opposition during 2016. Yet, TN Republicans still chose him.

TN ousted proven Pro-2A State Representatives. One was ousted by an ex-teacher whose daughter was/is Lamar Amexanders Press Secretary (of course this has nothing to do with her, but I find it interesting. The family ties to ANOTHER Rino). She was elected based on her platform of teachers needing more money and the fact that her family was in dairy. Another was ousted by a multimillionaire house builder. He’s another that focused on teachers needing more pay. He also focused on job development and addiction issues. Know what neither of them focused on or even mentioned??? The Constitution of the United States. Both stated they were “Pro-2A” but seemed to shy away from discussing it.

Let’s not even talk about our Congressional choice. Campaign 100% self-funded. I apparently am in the wrong business. Again, honesty and integrity. ‘Nuff saif.

Seems that TN is losing its firm Constitutional beliefs and positions. Although…from the total numbers that voted coming in…..how many of you ACTUALLY voted?? How many actually stepped away from the keyboard and had your voice heard in the way that COUNTS?

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