How Does the Pandemic Affect the 2nd Amendment? Perhaps more than we think!

Editors Note: We have deliberately kept discussion of COVID-19 OFF the website, as we want to keep discussion FOCUSED on the 2A. However, we are seeing to more and more evidence that the pandemic is being used as a political tool to suppress your Constitutional Rights. The views in this article are the views of the guest contributor and do not necessarily the reflect 
views of the 2A Movement staff. 

Under Constant Attack by the Left….

Our 2nd Amendment Rights have been threatened more than ever in the past decade as anti-gun groups push for gun control legislation.  Democrats have targeted the 2nd Amendment in order to gain votes and to maintain control and power, while gun confiscation is the hidden agenda of the United Nations.  The 2nd Amendment sets us apart from any other country in the world – without it we would become vulnerable to dictatorship. 

We have seen the hate for President of the United States to ASTOUNDING measures.  In fact, no President in the history of America has ever been so attacked while in office.

Can we blame Obama for everything?  Of course not.  What is happening in our country started long before Obama.

Behind the scenes ……

Many Democratic Governors calling for people to “stay home” shut down many local “non-essential” businesses, including many gun stores.   Gun owners everywhere found themselves unable to buy weapons or ammunition in a time where violence has the potential to skyrocket, especially with people being out of work.  After the situation was brought to the President’s attention he was quick to “declare” gun shops “essential” businesses.

Additionally, Democrats certainly wasted no time submitting  H.R. 5717 before the House floor, which is one of the biggest gun control bills in the history of our nation.  The bill discusses limiting ownership to “only” those with permits, and included background checks and registration of all sales, etc.

Similarly, while negotiating “relief” for those affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, many of the Democrats and their leader, Pelosi, had no problem delaying assistance for the American people in order to assure their interests and agenda was represented in the bill. Why would funding the Kennedy Center of Fine Arts $25 M dollars be more important than American’s who are suffering? Or the Center for Humanities? Why were they willing to withhold help to AMERICAN CITIZENS until they got their pork?

Interestingly enough the Democrats are using the deaths related to the COVID-19 in order to criticize Trump for his actions and handling of the situation concerning COVID-19.  In an interview Pelosi has already stated that, “Trump was too slow in acting,” and “this was something that warranted investigating.” Any smell another Impeachment Hearing coming yet?

Constant Attacks …..and Hatred

Michael Bloomberg, previously a Democratic candidate for the office of President, was quick to join forces with “anti-gun” activists group Mom’s Demand Action in efforts to attack gun ownership in America.   Bloomberg has invested millions of dollars in the campaign for gun control by bankrolling Mom’s Demand Action and establishing Everytown for Gun Safety.

Biden, Warren, Sanders, Bloomberg, and every candidate that was running for the Presidency was promising gun control measures and threatening the 2nd Amendment “rights” in this country under the Constitution, while pushing their socialistic agenda’s such as health care for all, abortion and many others including their support of the United Nations.

It was obvious after the Impeachment Hearing that the Democrats were totally against the President.  Not to mention all the ads where various politicians called for violence against both Trump and his supporters.

Could a “tailspin” in the Economy Cost Trump the Presidency?


Millions of American’s are now on unemployment as we watch the stock market plummet.  Many lost their jobs and ability to support their families as a result of “social distancing” measures recommended by the CDC and NIH and NIAID, which are all a part of the Health and Human Services in the US, and the WHO.

Having ones’ financial circumstances threatened for weeks and possibly months by the shut down of many area businesses across the country has lead to much controversy over social distancing in America.   While I am not going to talk about the Corona-Virus specifically and focus on the 2nd Amendment, I will say individual beliefs regarding issues like  social distancing and whether or not the death rate warrants such drastic measure that have the potential of destroying our economy and causing a great recession is not only dividing this country further, but also dividing gun owners as a whole.   As a result, Democrats as well as some Republicans have started criticizing the President for what they feel is unnecessary “social distancing” and financial hardships caused by the shut down of many businesses that has lead to the loss of incomes and financial instability and inability to provide for their families.

Currently several states have called in the National Guard to assist with supplies and setting up additional treatment facilities.  Yet many remember the tragedy of Katrina when the calling in of the National Guard to help with rescue efforts resulted in gun confiscation from residents that had refused to comply with leaving their home during the evacuation.  Although there was a court order to return the citizens property, some still report that their property was not returned.  As a result, many gun owners fear the possibility of “Martial Law” being enacted to enforce “Stay Home Orders” by various Democratic governors across the country that are being hit the hardest, such as New York and California.   Gun owners believe that the governors in blue states will use this as an opportunity for gun confiscation and further infringements on the 2nd Amendment.   These beliefs are justified by the previous actions of both the governor of California and Virginia as well as others that have spoken against the 2nd Amendment.

So could the loss of ones’ job and incomes that are vital in providing for ones’ family be a pivotal point that causes some gun owners to turn their backs on the President and vote for the opposing candidate? Possibly!

Should Democrats Gain Control? 

If the Democrats can tank the economy and prevent Trump from getting re-elected, regain control of both the House and the Senate, and have a Democratic President in office – it is a win-win situation for them.

The worst thing that gun owners can do right now is to divide.   Without a the “united” front that was shown by gun owners across the state of Virginia and those that attended the huge Rally in Virginia we are no longer a voice or political threat to Democratic party.   Rest assured that the Democrats would like nothing more than to see division among gun owners which would enable them to pass gun control legislation with little to no resistance.

Should Democrats gain control you can rest assured that they will re-write the Constitution ONE BILL AT A TIME or  could enact the 28th AMENDMENT that abolishes gun ownership in this country altogether.

How Possible Is a 28th Amendment? 

What could happen if a 28th Amendment was proposed by Congress with a Democratic majority?   Congress could introduced an Amendment in one of two ways:  1) by passing both houses with 2/3’s vote and then being sent to the states legislators for ratification;  or 2)  proposed by congress and ratified by a Convention of the States.   Either way ratification of an Amendment would require a 3/4 vote or for 38 states to agree.

Additionally, there are two other ways to Amend the Constitution without ratification.  The first is called Informal Amendment.”   First, “Informal Amendment” can occur for two reasons:  either a “change in circumstances” or when it is proven that the “meaning changed over time.”   Both reasons for an “Informal Amendment” have been used before.  An example under “change in circumstances” was changing the voting age to extend the right to  a larger group.  Changing an Amendment when “meaning changed over time”  involves the judicial  system and determines how an Amendment will be viewed – an examples would be how we viewed such things as marriage and abortion .  Lastly, an Amendment can or changed by the popular vote of the people through a  “national vote” and thus, is called the “Popular Amendment,” although this method has never been used.

While ratification has been used several times through legislation, it would be much easier to enact an “Informal Amendment” with control of both houses.   Similarly, while a “Popular Amendment” has never been enacted  “if” a party believed that there was enough support they could call for a national vote.   Either of these avenues could be devastating to our 2nd Amendment rights.

So what can we do?   

The answer is pretty obvious!                                                                                           

  1. Stay United
  2. Stay Home
  3. Remain Calm
  4. Keep up to date on Gun Legislation and what is happening
  5. Continue to push for 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties – most of your commissioner’s phone numbers are online
  6. Continue to Prepare
  7. AND STOP CRITICIZING THE PRESIDENT  for trying to protect the American people in this difficult situation – undecided voter’s are listening to our negative remarks about the President!
  8. And do what you can to help others!  That is what being American is all about!

Remember:  We need to protect the 2nd Amendment and to do that we need Trump to be re-elected! 

God Bless America!






Several Democratic “BLUE” States have already  issued “STAY HOME ORDERS” until after the Republican Primaries on JUNE 9th

VA has issued Stay Home Order till June 10th
MD & DC issued Stay Home Order till June 10th
NY issued a Stay Home Order till June 14th
California issued Stay Home Order till June 23rd

I have not checked other states but I feel sure that they will follow



Carrying On Our Forefather’s Dream

Our forefathers had a dream of a new nation where “we the people” would be FREE. They fought for their dream in a way that we cannot imagine in this day and time with all our modern day luxuries. Many that reached this country died during the first years when facing the cold without adequate food and shelter, and many were slaughtered by the British while continuing to fight for their INDEPENDENCE. But above all they were a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND ONE NATION UNDER GOD. And it was not until years later than political greed and taxation lead us to division and resulted in a CIVIL WAR and it took us years to rebuild our nation – some said that we would never recover.

Our forefathers pinned the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that were to govern the lands and to allow us as a people to avoid a dictatorship which they had escaped. The Bill of Rights did not give us our freedoms, but limited government from infringing upon our inalienable rights that came only from our “creator.” One’s rights were never meant to be forced on another or to limit others based upon our feelings and beliefs. The government was never meant to make moral judgments that has lead us to where we are today.

Today, we once again face the “unknown” as our rights and securities are being challenged in a way that they have never been before. We have so much going on in our country today – seems that we are being pulled in all directions – with the abortion rights, gun rights, religious freedoms, violations of the constitution, corrupt politicians, wondering whether or not our republic will survive many more generations, and then we have a pandemic that no one really knows anything about that threatens people’s security even further as IRA’s and savings dwindles. I, myself have always been independent and a loner but have always believed in America and the freedoms in which we stand for. But right now I see a lot of fear and uncertainty and hear people saying things that perhaps they have never said before …. turning on each other and the elderly….. I am heart broke ….. because that is the last thing we need to be doing right now as a nation. I remember a time when America stood tall and united at least in my mind and in the mind of my father. So while many of us say “it is time to take back America” let’s not forget what that REALLY MEANS – take time to be an American!

God Bless this Great Country!  United We Stand!

Inalienable Rights – Where Do They Begin and Where Do They End?

Understanding ones’ Rights

Inalienable Rights definition: not transferable or to be taken away.

Inalienable Rights were outlined in the Bill of Rights and was ratified as part of the Constitution.  The Bill of Rights outlined various rights that were believed to be granted by our creator to ALL mankind.  Among these rights were the “freedom of speech” and the “right to bear arms” and the “right to property and life” as well as others that represent fair and just treatment of individuals being accused of crimes.  It is these inalienable rights that allow us our “freedoms” that we hold dear in the United States, and that many have died to protect.

“The first 10 amendments to the Constitution make up the Bill of Rights. James Madison wrote the amendments, which list specific prohibitions on governmental power, in response to calls from several states for greater constitutional protection for individual liberties”

Bill of Rights

But do our “inalienable rights” give us the right to forget that the rights of others exist?   It has often been said, others need to learn that his liberty ends where some other fellow’s nose begins.  So what does this mean?  Does it matter if what we do offends others? Of course not, but what it does mean is that we cannot “intentionally” or “unintentionally” infringe upon the rights of others. You have your “rights” and I have “mine,” and yours ends where mine begins.  As the passage suggests the end of ones’ rights stop at the nose of another.

However, there are a lot of arguments today over “ones’ rights,” especially with the current pandemic and the attack on the 2nd Amendment.  Should ones’ right over-ride the rights of another?  No!  According to a constitutional scholar John B. Finch, “your liberty ends where the liberty of others commences.”  So just because someone does not like something does not mean that they can take that right from me – taking guns for example. One cannot stop me from saying something just because they disagree with my theories, nor is another’s belief superior. However, when one infringes upon your rights that is going past where theirs ends.

With that being said we as citizens have the “obligation” to avoid infringing upon the rights of others – otherwise, how does “freedom” exist?  We cannot shout freedom while creating bondage for some.

The bottom line is we “ALL” have a moral obligation to protect the “rights” and “lives” of others just as many have done before us. Many have died so we can express ourselves and live in freedom.  It is then and only then that we have true “freedom” and “peace.”

During the pandemic situation maybe we should think about “individual” rights and where ours begins and stops, after all, we cannot say we stand for “freedom” for all when our rights are superior to others, and we as 2A supports should know all too well what “infringement” feels like.  So if we are going to stand for “rights” let us stand for ALL rights.

Just because we have “rights” does not mean that we should not do what is morally right even when no one is watching! 

Political Fear vs. Emergency Preparedness


No this is not the Apocalypse – this is called “preparedness” and “prevention” to protect individuals that are at high risk from contracting COVID-19.


While it is sad that some politicians are using the current situation to blast the President and use the situation for political gain, please remember that President Trump is acting to prevent the spread and to ensure as little exposure as we can to protect the elderly population. Please listen to the President and do what he asks us to do and we will all be fine.

We have learned much over many decades about “pandemics” such as this. While some see this as an “over-reaction,” it is necessary to prevent the spread among 330 Million, especially those in highly populated areas, and to do otherwise would be neglectful and careless. With that being said, I appreciate that our President is taking steps to ensure our safety verses the media’s scare tactics.  I do not believe that President Trump would risk the economy without great concern – TRUST THE PRESIDENT !

The President has lifted restraints on truckers hour limits to ensure that food and medical supplies will not be delayed, and many facilities are on “lock-down,” which means no visitors can enter. I have great admiration for my colleagues and emergency crew and our President working to make us safe.  SO PLEASE DO NOT PANIC!

Who can contract it?      ANYONE !     

Although the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions (Cardiac, Respiratory, Diabetes, Cancer) are more at risk of death, no one is immune and has nothing to do with age. Our immunity helps with recovery by building antibodies “after” exposure.  Those that have immune- suppression are at higher risk of death and not just contracting the disease.

Don’t be fooled by the numbers!

Why are the numbers so low?  They are advising people with symptoms to self-quarantine and testing is not being done on all individuals – mostly only severe cases or those that have known contact.

What makes the Disease more contagious?

It is a “respiratory” infection that is spread through coughing and close contact, and is “believed” to be able to live on surfaces for several hours.

Take this “seriously”!

This is NOT just the “flu,”  it is a stand of “pneumonia.”  Although 70% recover without hospitalization, treatment for the most severe cases such as those experiencing respiratory failure is artificial ventilation. Please protect our elderly that make up a huge portion of our population !

Symptoms: Fever, Coughing, Shortness of Breath, and Headache

If you have any symptoms please call your doctor! DO NOT GO TO THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE AND INFECT OTHERS! You will be directed on what to do.

For information on the disease please refer to the CDC, NIH (National Institute of Health) and the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) websites.

Be Safe!  And God Bless America! 

What is Constitutional Carry?


What is constitutional carry? 

The term “constitutional carry” was non-existent in our society until about the last decade. Constitutional carry is a term gun-rights advocates use to describe the freedom to carry a firearm, openly or concealed, anytime or anyplace, without government licensing, registration, or training. No state officially recognized the right to carry a gun without a permit. Vermont famously adopted permit-less carry as a result not of legislation, but a state court challenge in 1903. A century later, Alaska became the second state to legalize what it called “Vermont carry.” It wasn’t until Arizona passed a similar law in 2010 that constitutional carry became the catchphrase. Vermont has always been a Constitutional Carry state. No permit has been required to carry handguns there since the Constitution was ratified.

First, the Supreme Court’s District of Columbia v. Heller decision in 2008 was the first time the federal government concluded that the Second Amendment confers an individual right, not simply a collective “militia” right, to own guns. But Heller didn’t address whether that right stops at your front door. So carrying a firearm in public became the new focus of debate on gun regulation.

Until about 2010, the term constitutional carry was virtually never heard in mainstream media. It was more commonly referred to as “permit-less carry” or “Vermont Carry,” after the first state to give its residents similar rights.

What was it like in the U.S. before gun laws existed?       

Many refer to that of the “old west” when referring to gun laws or the lack of. However, the expansion to the “old west” was not until the early to mid-1800’s. While many believe that gun laws never existed, some sources including government sources date gun laws back as old as “colonial” America in the 1600’s. In fact, there are several accounts that gun laws existed as early as the late 1600’s and into the 1800’s. Although these laws varied, nearly every state in the union had enacted laws that barred people from carrying concealed weapons. Many of these laws made it “illegal to discharge a weapon near a road, near buildings, populated areas or on Sundays, and that barred discharge of a gun during social occasions.” In New Jersey it was illegal to fire a weapon while intoxicated unless you were at a funeral or a wedding. Contrary to belief, guns were taken away when people were in populated areas during the “old west” and returned to them when they were leaving town.

Some sources even suggest that laws were stricter 150 years ago than were in the past 30 years. For example, Massachusetts prohibited the carrying of defensive firearms in public places as far back as the 1600’s; other states such as Kentucky, Indiana, Arkansas, and Georgia passed laws prohibiting the carrying of concealed weapons from 1813-1837. In 1881, wearing or carrying a weapon of any kind was a crime according to Arkansas statutes, while all but five states prohibited certain categories of individuals from possessing handguns, such as minors, felons, aliens, fugitives, persons of unsound mind, narcotics violators, and drunkards.

During this time the Second Amendment was consistently interpreted by the US Supreme Court and lower courts as a prohibition against federal interference with the state militia and not as a guarantee of an individual’s right to bear arms and conclude that the federal government may regulate firearms as it wishes, so long as it did not interfere with state military personnel. The US Supreme Court ruled that the 2nd Amendment did not restrict the power of the states to regulate firearms, and that each state may control firearms according to their own constitution, as long as these laws did not infringe upon federal laws.

Employees Need To Know


This Law Empowers Women 


Many  women work night shift and have been vulnerable to attacks.  There have been many accounts of nurses being attacked and raped in the parking lots of facilities in which they worked.    As a nurse, I have often been told that I “cannot” have possession of a firearm in my vehicle while going to people’s homes or working in various facilities over the past twenty years.  Many nurses are out alone all hours of the night, and thus, leaving us vulnerable to attacks.  Home Health nurses never know what situation they may encounter when going to certain neighborhoods or patient home; however, spouses are not allowed to accompany them due to patient privacy policies.  Night shift nurses working in the ER can work various shifts, such as 3 PM – 3 AM and 5 PM – 5 AM and 7 PM – 7 Am.  Often nurses leave the facility at 3 AM and 5 AM alone.    Many nurses have security walk me out when working odd shifts and leaving the facility alone.  So I was excited to run across this law which changed all that and allows employees to store their handgun in their glove box  while on employers property.

Handgun carry permit holders may also store their firearms in their vehicles on public or private property so long as the vehicle is in a place it is allowed to be and the firearm is kept from ordinary observation in a locked compartment within the vehicle or in a container securely affixed to such motor vehicle.

Employers cannot prohibit their employees from transporting or storing a firearm or firearm ammunition in an employer parking area if the firearm or ammunition is kept from ordinary observation in a locked compartment within the vehicle or in a container securely affixed to such motor vehicle.

[Tenn. Code Ann. § 50-1-312]
[Tennessee Code Annotated § 39-17-1313(a)]

Tennessee Constitutional Carry: Amendment to SB2671 has been released (SA0544) – PART 2



New Amendment just released ………….SA0544

Heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee 3/3/2020 with 7 Ayes and 2 Nays and was recommended for “passage.”

According to the Amendment a permit is optional as it may be required to carry out of state, and a lawful person is entitled to the same rights as a person who is issued a permit…… 

 Per the language of this legislation, a person legally in possession of a firearm and not prohibited from purchasing a firearm in the person’s state of residence will have the same defenses and exceptions as a person who has been issued a handgun carry permit.

 Handgun carry permits afford holders reciprocity; allowing them to legally carry a firearm in various other states.

Several penalties were also included ………

  • Revenue / Foregone Revenue
  • Expenditures / Cost Avoidance
  • Convictions
  • Theft of a Firearm/Theft of a Firearm from a Motor Vehicle Enhancement
  • Sentencing
  • Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Person Convicted of a Felony Crime of Violence, an Attempt to Commit a Felony Crime of Violence or a Felony Involving Use of a Deadly Weapon
  • Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Person Convicted of Felony Drug  Offense
  • Unlawful Possession of a Handgun by a Person Convicted of a Felony
  • Unlawful Providing a Handgun to a Juvenile or Permitting a Juvenile to Possess a Handgun

The Bill We Have All Been Waiting On ………. PART 1

According to Tennessee GOP Senate.Com, here is the Bill that Lee Proposes as Constitutional Carry ….. hummm … 



AMEND Senate Bill No. 2671 House Bill No. 2817*   

by deleting all language after the enacting clause and substituting instead the following:

SECTION 1. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-17-1307, is amended by adding the following new subsection:
(g) It is an exception to the application of subsection (a) that a person is
carrying, whether openly or concealed, a handgun and:
(1) The person meets the qualifications for the issuance of an enhanced
handgun carry permit under § 39-17-1351(b) and (c);
(2) The person lawfully possesses the handgun; and
(3) The person is in a place where the person has a right to be.

SECTION 2. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-17-1313(a), is amended by deleting the subsection and substituting instead the following:
(a) Notwithstanding any law or any ordinance or resolution adopted by the
governing body of a city, county, or metropolitan government, including any ordinance or resolution enacted before April 8, 1986, that prohibits or regulates the possession, transportation, or storage of a firearm or firearm ammunition, a person who has a valid enhanced handgun carry permit or concealed handgun carry permit or who lawfully carries a handgun pursuant to § 39-17-1307(g) may, unless expressly prohibited by
federal law, transport and store a firearm or firearm ammunition in the person’s motor vehicle, as defined in § 55-1-103, while on or utilizing any public or private parking area if:
(1) The person’s motor vehicle is parked in a location where the motor
vehicle is permitted to be; and
(2) The firearm or ammunition being transported or stored in the motor
(A) Is kept from ordinary observation if the person is in the motor
vehicle; or
(B) Is kept from ordinary observation and locked within the trunk,
glove box, or interior of the person’s motor vehicle or a container securely
affixed to the motor vehicle if the person is not in the motor vehicle.

SECTION 3. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-17-1313(b), is amended by deleting the language “by the holder of a valid handgun carry permit in the permit holder’s motor vehicle” wherever it appears and substituting instead the language “by a person in the person’s motor vehicle pursuant to subsection (a)”.

SECTION 4. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-17-1313(c)(1), is amended by deleting the language “permit holder” and substituting instead the language “person”.

SECTION 5. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-17-1313(d), is amended by deleting the language “An enhanced handgun carry permit holder or concealed handgun carry permit holder” and substituting instead the language “A person” and by deleting the language “enhanced handgun carry permit holder or concealed handgun carry permit holder” and substituting instead the language “person”.

SECTION 6. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-17-1351(n)(1), is amended by deleting the last sentence of the subdivision and substituting instead:  The permit holder shall have the permit in the holder’s immediate possession at all times when carrying a handgun in a location or manner that would be prohibited if not for the person’s status as an enhanced handgun carry permit holder and shall display the permit on demand of a law enforcement officer under such circumstances.

SECTION 7. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-17-1366(e), is amended by deleting the subsection and substituting instead:
(e) The permit holder shall have the permit in the holder’s immediate possession at all times when carrying a handgun in a location or manner that would be prohibited if not for the person’s status as a concealed handgun carry permit holder and shall display
the permit on demand of a law enforcement officer under such circumstances.

SECTION 8. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-14-105(a)(1), is amended by deleting the language “or less” and substituting instead “or less, except when the property obtained is a firearm.

SECTION 9. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-14-105(a)(2), is amended by deleting the language “if the value of the property” and substituting instead “if the property obtained is a firearm worth less than two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500), or if the value of the property”.

SECTION 10. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-14-105(d), is amended by deleting the subsection and substituting instead the following:
(d) Theft of a firearm shall be punished by confinement for not less than one hundred eighty (180) days in addition to any other penalty authorized by law.

SECTION 11. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 40-35-114, is amended by adding the following as a new subdivision:
(29) The offense involved the theft of a firearm from a motor vehicle, as defined in § 55-1-103.

SECTION 12. Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 40-35-501, is amended by adding  the following new subsection:
(1) For the offenses listed in subdivision (x)(2) committed on or after July
1, 2020, there shall be no release eligibility until the person has served eightyfive percent (85%) of the sentence imposed by the court, less sentence credits earned and retained. However, no sentence reduction credits authorized by §41-21-236, or any other law, shall operate to reduce below seventy percent (70%) the percentage of sentence imposed by the court such person must serve before becoming release eligible.
(2) The offenses to which this subsection (x) is applicable are:
(A) Unlawful possession of a firearm by a person convicted of a
felony crime of violence, an attempt to commit a felony crime of violence,
or a felony involving use of a deadly weapon, under § 39-17-
(B) Unlawful possession of a firearm by a person convicted of a
felony drug offense, under § 39-17-1307(b)(1)(B);
(C) Unlawful possession of a handgun by a person convicted of a
felony, under § 39-17-1307(c); and
(D) Unlawfully providing a handgun to a juvenile or permitting a
juvenile to possess a handgun, under § 39-17-1320.

SECTION 13. This act shall take effect July 1, 2020, the public welfare requiring it, and applies to criminal offenses committed on or after that date.