Knox County, TN – 2A Win! Commission meeting video

Hello everyone!

If you had not heard, Knox County passed a 2A Sanctuary Resolution!  This is a HUGE deal as it is a very large Metro area for Tennessee!

I am attaching a link to the meeting that was conducted live/online due to…. well… you know.  I plan on going over it again and take the time to make discussion/rebuttal points for those looking to make future presentations to their respective County Commissions.  We are sitting at 66 counties now in Tennessee that have passed some form of 2A statement.  The 2A Resolution segment starts at 01:11:22.


Firearms, Felons and the 2A

Felons and Firearms: When and how should it be allowed?

In 1968 the Federal Government ruled that felons cannot own a firearm in accordance with

18 UAC Code(d)It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or otherwise dispose of any firearm or ammunition to any person knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that such person.

(1) under indictment for, or has been convicted in any court of, a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year;

(g)It shall be unlawful for any person—

(1) who has been convicted in any court of, a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year

Let us start with the definition according to Merriam-Webster:

Definition of felony

1an act on the part of a feudal vassal … involving the forfeiture of his fee

2aa grave crime formerly differing from a misdemeanor … under English common law by involving forfeiture in addition to any other punishment

ba grave crime (such as murder or rape) declared to be a felony by the common law or by statute regardless of the punishment actually imposed

ca crime declared a felony by statute because of the punishment imposed

da crime for which the punishment in federal law may be death or imprisonment for more than one year.

Essentially any conviction resulting in a one-year sentence or longer constitutes a felony.

At this time, I am not wanting to debate with those who think the 2nd Amendment is it, period, end of discussion.  I firmly believe in the 2nd; however, I also believe in a civilized society.  You would be hard-pressed to convince me that any person convicted of a violent crime using a firearm should be allowed to have legal possession of said tool again.  There are exceptions to this based on details, but I am speaking in general terms for this newsletter.

Types of crime; Blue Collar (typically violent) and White-Collar (typically non-violent).  However blue-collar crimes such as burglary and drugs do not involve firearms.  We use these terms to justify our positions.  What if the conviction and sentence are based on a non-violent crime (i.e. white-collar)?  How does this change one’s perception of an individual’s rights?  The definition of white-collar crime is this: Fraud, based on deceit, concealment, or violation of trust.

How would a felon go about getting their rights restored?  Right now, it is pretty much on them.  They need to hire lawyers, petition courts for reduction to a misdemeanor, expunged, or other legal means of removing the scarlet “F” off of their chest.  Believe it or not, the ATF has/had a program to help with this.  You could try and seek the ATF’s “Relief from Federal Firearms Disability.”   However, in 1992 a move to stop this by Congress went into effect and the ATF was prohibited from expending appropriated funds to investigate or act upon applications.  A nice and convenient way to shut something down without much uproar.

Misdemeanor convictions.  With a nod to all the new “Red Flag Laws” out there it has been and still is illegal for an individual to possess, use, sell firearms if they are under indictment or convicted of domestic violence.  We all know the RFL’s are so dangerous due to the open-ended definitions of who, what, and where along with the stripping of so many other constitutional rights.

Back to the main question.  Should Felons be allowed to own firearms?  The Left is adamant that to do so would lead to more crime.  Almost any left-leaning news outlet supports this.  There is also the view of a strict constitutionalist that believes the 2nd Amendment is the only law.  One thing about the Left is they NEVER clarify what a felon is, it always presumed that a bank teller who took some cash here or there to pay bills or live a life above their means is equal to the bank robber who intimidated, shot or killed bank customers or employees during their crime.  Here is another example, guilty of a crime and convicted, but serves less than 12 months.

“Bill gets involved with the wrong people and finds himself using drugs. Desperate for money to feed his drug habit, he steals money from his employer’s cash register. Bill’s employer informs law enforcement of what he has done, and he is convicted of a felony-level burglary offense and sentenced to 16 months in prison. Andy is mandated to turn his guns over to law enforcement. Because of Bill’s otherwise clean record and good behavior, while incarcerated, he only serves 4 months in prison. Even though he is released early, he is still prohibited from owning a firearm.”

Bill had no police record before nor since this event.  Should Bill have his rights restored?

It is my opinion that this office of the ATF needs to be reopened at the federal level.  At a minimum that State level also but I am not sure how that would mesh with the Federal systems used for the sales of firearms.  A whole other issue I know.  This office already exists, it just needs to be staffed and utilized.  There are a lot of people out there who just made a stupid mistake and are stuck with it for life.  Their lives before-hand, and since they have been law-abiding and contributive to society.  I think they should have a second chance.

Ruling Clarifies That Some White-Collar Felons Can Possess A Firearm

Editorial: Should felons be able to own guns? – Los Angeles Times

Please feel free to respond to this article in the comments section of our website with your opinions.







Emergency Powers?

What are your local and state emergency powers?  Are there already items in place for implementation?

The mayor of Champaign Illinois has come to the forefront with enacting a plan that bans, among other things, can enact the “(6) Order the discontinuance of selling, distributing, dispensing or giving away of explosives or explosive agents, firearms or ammunition of any character whatsoever;…”  This is all part of declaration to get “ahead of the curve” as Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen stated.  My only question is how is banning the above help with this “emergency?”  Of note, it also covers the purchasing, distribution and storage of gasoline in anything else but a motor vehicle.  This municipal code supposedly has been in place for 50 plus years and last updated in 2006.

The main question in my mind is; what is the purpose of putting it in there?

I must admit I will be digging through my state and towns (Tennessee and Knoxville) plans for similar wording.  It is items like this that while on the surface seem to be great, you (and I) need to know what else is there.  I am honestly surprised at how naive I have been.

Of course those who have raised questions at to why this “Republican” mayor instituted these measures has been met with the usual media statements as “People in the NRA seize stuff like that to stir up their base. What we were trying to do is get out ahead of the curve to protect the citizens from an infectious virus.”

“There were irresponsible people who used that to try to stir their own agendas,” As reported in the News-Gazzette.

CB 2020-022 An Ordinance Related to the Emergency Created by the Impact of the COVID-19 Virus

However, and typical double talk, City Attorney Fred Stavins stated ““This is a challenging, unprecedented time for our community. … It required prompt and immediate steps in order to maintain essential services required by our community,” Stavins said. “To be extremely clear, only provisions that are necessary to protect the public health in this situation will be enacted. The city council would never take an action to violate anyone’s civil liberties.”

So….  what exactly are you doing?

Bottom line is there are a lot of “why’s” with all of these declarations.  This is not the Black Plague or Apocalypse.  While serious and even deadly for certain age/health groups at what point does this get out of hand.  There are enough people overreacting now and causing panic buying.  Now those of us who care about are freedoms have to worry about government declarations based on those trying to get “ahead of the curve?”

Time to do some digging, you know, to get ahead of the curve.

One Page Paper on the RFL/EROP Constitutional Violations

One Page RFL Notes

This letter that was shared with myself is a nice and concise brief on the Amendments that are either bent or flat out violated by Red Flag Laws or Extreme Risk Orders of Protection (RFL/EROP).

These would make great handouts for those spreading the word at physical locations like meetings, petition drives, etc. along with sharing them on your social media.

These are effective means of communicating, especially when you might have only seconds to get a word out. These can be studied, looked up and are a huge source of what could happen to those holding the paper.

Thank you Dawna!

On the Lookout!

Good day fellow Patriots!  We are on a mission to help those who are starting the process of a Second Amendment Resolution push within their respective Counties.  They need our help!

If your County has recently passed a Resolution please share it with those starting out.  We now have a documents section where items that are useful for this process can be accessed and shared.

Last week there were five (5) counties that passed resolutions.  This means five more examples that can be used to help. Please send copies of the resolutions as a PDF file to:

We also request validated and cited research you used for presentation (i.e. statistics, articles, etc.) that support the bid for a resolution.  Those can also be sent to us as a PDF file to the above email address

Let us keep this Resolution Revolution marching towards a statewide victory!

Flurries of activity

We had a great Monday.  Lots of activity and with Kimberly’s continuous updates we kept several social media sites buzzing.  While these flurries are great, we need a blizzard!  Let’s not only continue to work at spreading the but let’s double down and make more inroads with new counties.  For those following this site, its Facebook page, along with local and state pages let’s keep it going.

The opposition is not letting up.  They are flush with $$ and can get more.  This 2A Resolution revolution is true grassroots.

Keep this page updated with 2A happenings.   If you are part of a successful passage then please share the whole experience.   Your work, your photos and most importantly what opposition you had to deal with.  From press to speakers.

Let’s keep it going!

Safe or Unsafe? How would you feel?




Hello everyone!

Imagine attending a place where the public can gather and you see one or the other of the above signs posted at the entry.  They could be posted at schools, parks, shopping centers, etc.

I would like you to ask yourself how each one would make you feel, and how safe you think your family may be in one of these locations. Simply based on the posted signs.

This is important to think seriously about because of the consequences of the debates on the topic. The discussions focus on specific shootings that have taken place in “Gun-Free Zones.” The focus tends to be on locations that evoke powerful emotional responses — specifically, schools. The anti-gun view focuses ONLY on shootings where there was NO ONE with a firearm at the site to stop the shooter. They rarely, if ever mention, shooters stopped by someone that had a gun.

The debate continues to be over whether the presence of one sign over the other ensures that one is location is safer than the other. Hence, you or your family will be.  First, let’s have the legal definition of a “Gun Free Zone” based on the United States Code Services (18 USCS § 922 (g)).  This defines a “Gun Free Zone” as “… the area where use or possession of firearms is considered a crime.”  This definition is open to and actively debated depending on the intent of the authors and their political views.

Searching online through various outlets the overall public, as I’ll call it, definitions fall into two almost opposite sides.  The explanation that supports the belief that most mass shootings happen in Gun-Free Zones defines them along the line of the USCS code. This code indicates possession and use of them by the general public would be considered a crime.  By the general public, I am referring to non-Law enforcement or legally armed personnel such as Military,  Federal Law Enforcement or Security guards that would be found on government sites, banks, etc.  On what I consider the opposite end of the spectrum and which could only be used to severely reduce the numbers is the definition that a “true” Gun Free Zone is one where there are NO guns allowed period.  There are extremely few locations that would meet this criterion thus allowing the numbers to be severely reduced.

Now let us get back to my opening question.  What sign would make you feel safer?  As a criminal or a troubled person looking to lash out and create chaos or harm what location would suit your needs?  A place where you can easily identify those who may stop you or a place where you do not know how many people will protect and defend themselves and others?

Our Second Amendment right is the best defense against trouble.  Locations that honor this should be applauded for supporting this amendment just as they are when they support all the others.  I conducted a few polls on some of the local communities’ Facebook pages.  I simply asked two questions.  Which sign would make you feel safer?  Like any poll, there is an error factor and of the thousands that were possibly reached less than 10% selected.  Of those that did on four different polls, 733 opted for feeling safer where firearms are welcome and 46 declared that they felt safer where they are banned.

However, let’s consider that currently in Tennessee only people that have had background checks, classes and challenge tests can Legally carry their firearms in public.  The simple fact that we pay the money we do for classes and licensing should be a pretty good indication that we are Law Abiding Citizens who only want to protect our families and ourselves by following the current laws.

In conclusion, it is my hope that discussing these topics will make those that are anti-gun or even anti Second Amendment pause and think about their position.  This is about so much more than numbers.  This is about human life!  It should be protected by those who want to and who are willing to.  When we go armed some choose open carry where it’s visible, others conceal the fact that they are armed, and you might not know.  But neither does the bad guy who will not follow the law!

I sure know where I feel safer at!

Is the Republic in Danger?

Is the Republic in Danger?!?

Dear Citizens (Legal) of the United States.  Do you vote?  While most would scoff at that question as if insulted, there are a lot of people who do not or have not voted in years.  There is no excuse in my humble opinion, for not exercising your right to support the direction of this great Republic.  Complacency by those who claim to love their country is the enemy of this Republic.

Common excuses (not reasons) are:

  1. I don’t have time.
  2. I don’t know enough
  3. My vote does not matter
  4. With voter fraud and suppression, it’s not worth it
  5. I like the way things are going right now
  6. Everything (the System) is broken beyond repair
  7. I do not have transportation
  8. I forgot to register
  9. There aren’t any good options
  10. I don’t care.

Not one of the above excuses should be acceptable for and the individual who wants to protect any of their Constitutional Rights.  How can you care about the 2nd Amendment but not give a damn about the others? (Without the 2nd Amendment the other won’t exist).

This coming election is one of immense importance.  For the last 3 years, it has been quite obvious that the Left hates this Country as it has existed for the last couple hundred years.  While their animosity and disdain for what this country was founded on has always been part of the undercurrent of College professors, Hollywood, and the media.  The sheep’s covering has come off and they proudly flaunt their beliefs and faith in a Socialist/Communist system that they want to redefine and change this country into.

There could be a whole essay written to try and explain, prod, inspire inactive voters, but simply put the future of this country is at risk.  If the Patriots who claim to love their freedoms given to them by their Creator and written in the Constitution by our forefathers wish to keep them, then they better get OUT, get ACTIVE and get VOTING in local, state, and federal elections.  The left is counting on your Complacency, Apathy, and post-WWII belief that “It could never happen to the USA!”

So while you are out fighting for the protection of your Second Amendment rights please follow and share the attached link to help get people registered that can support this Republic.  The Left/Liberals are working hard to destroy it!


As a follow up to the post concerning how “Nothing” happened today at the massive Virginia Capital rally, I did a really quick search of the major Democratically run cities. You know the ones. The one’s with the strictest gun control laws and the highest gun related crime rates.

I did this to see how the gun violence that occurred over this holiday weekend in Richmond VA, where there were literally thousands of law abiding citizens that had passed legal background checks.  Compare this  to the gun violence over the average weekend (like every weekend) in cities with a much smaller number of (ILLEGAL) firearms carried by Criminals.  The search to find the data took less than 15 minutes.

While I did not deeply explore every article for specifics, these cities are well known for their violence.  The score: Richmond VA 0. St. Louis 15, Chicago 16,  Philadelphia 10.  I doubt you will hear about that though.  You will however,  see photo after photo of  law abiding Americans holding guns and “evil” rifles at today’s rally with terms like “tense, assault weapons and militant” used.

I wonder why the MOMs/Evertown FGS and Bloomberg’s Organizations don’t use their funds to get the guns out of the hands of the criminals on the streets of Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia and St. Louis? If they spent half the time, money and effort on that as they did trying get the guns out of the hands of the law abiding citizens of Virginia, perhaps the streets in those cities would be just as safe as the streets of Richmond Virginia were today. Massive gun rally democrat policies

Knox County Resolution Update

There is a Resolution moving through the process for Knox County! I have seen it and it  looks good.

It is my belief that Knox County should be approached by using facts, stated with tact.  Supported facts is the only way to counter the oppositions  arguments.  Most of their opposition (by opposition I mean ANY one group, organization or individual, that thrive on disinformation, threats and creating chaos to avoid addressing facts), can easily be derailed if you have factual knowledge and do not act the way they WANT you to be portrayed.

The oppositions usual points of attack are:

  • Claims that the resolution supports/hides individuals who under current law cannot own/possess firearms
  • That “Common Sense” dictates that guns equal crime.  No matter who owns them
  • That Extreme Orders of Protection and Red Flag laws will stop violent gun crimes
  • That businesses and people with not come to Knox based on it being a 2A haven.

There are others, including the medical field, who believe that they should be able to intervene if they decide there is a threat.

It is our job as responsible gun owners to counter these.

When  Knox County becomes a 2A Sanctuary County,  then the other remaining two stars (Nashville and Memphis) are in the movements sights.

There are many groups out there helping and pushing towards the same goal.  Hopefully,  everyone continues to work toward that goal, becoming a united course.

Call/Email your Commissioners, Mayors and other County officials!  Use  factual statistics that counter the oppositions lies and half truths. DO NOT lose your temper or set a negative tone (or allowed yourself to be sucked into a conversation that is clearly deteriorating).   In my opinion, ANY tone that can be construed as threatening  will do FAR more harm to the movement than remaining silent and is best to be avoided AT ALL costs.

Sevier County was approached with a strong feeling of passing without opposition, but we also knew that could chance. We did the work!  We were prepared,  and spoke to the Commission in a logical and factual way.  Know all the affected amendments, not just the 2nd. Know the IMPORTANCE of the 2A and not just for the inalienable right to defend yourself and your family. I strongly encourage you to read the articles on this website that explain in detail about the importance of the 2A.