Knox County, TN – 2A Win! Commission meeting video

Hello everyone!

If you had not heard, Knox County passed a 2A Sanctuary Resolution!  This is a HUGE deal as it is a very large Metro area for Tennessee!

I am attaching a link to the meeting that was conducted live/online due to…. well… you know.  I plan on going over it again and take the time to make discussion/rebuttal points for those looking to make future presentations to their respective County Commissions.  We are sitting at 66 counties now in Tennessee that have passed some form of 2A statement.  The 2A Resolution segment starts at 01:11:22.


Meaning of Memorial Day

This is what Memorial Day is about. Not gatherings, BBQ and beer. Not the living Veterans. It’s about those service members that didn’t return home alive. It’s about the ultimate sacrifice that was willingly made by those determined that we, and others, would be free. Take a moment to give thanks for those brave men and women. If you know a Gold Star Family, reach out to them today. Thank them. 

#Free TN Event Recap

The gathering of Patriots in Nashville Sunday, were here to celebrate Freedom & Liberty and yo get Governor Bill Lee’s attention and focus to Open Up Tennessee!
We were not at home playing Keyboard Commando, or calling the Authorities and snitching on their friends and Neighbors, but rather joined in prayerful and repentant agreement to God Almighty, to forgive us our trespasses, to provide wisdom, guidance, and healing, and to restore that which has been lost or stolen, to heal our Land in ways that honor Him!

We are also defending our Unalienable Rights and Liberties, those given by God Almighty.
We are per our Declaration of Independence, which states in part: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. –That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes. Accordingly, all experience hath shewn, that mankind is more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security”

Many Americans are getting WOKE UP. Some are speaking out against the Government overreach and acts of Tyranny. #walkaway
May God Almighty bless and prosper these efforts. May he call upon the lost, that they too, might repent and turn from their wicked ways, and know Jesus as their personal Savior and Lord.

Thank you, Laura Baigert, and the Tennessee Star for ANOTHER well written News account of Liberty in action!

#FreeTN Rally Draws Attendees from Across Tennessee and Speakers on the Subject of Freedom – Tennessee Star

Firearms, Felons and the 2A

Felons and Firearms: When and how should it be allowed?

In 1968 the Federal Government ruled that felons cannot own a firearm in accordance with

18 UAC Code(d)It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or otherwise dispose of any firearm or ammunition to any person knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that such person.

(1) under indictment for, or has been convicted in any court of, a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year;

(g)It shall be unlawful for any person—

(1) who has been convicted in any court of, a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year

Let us start with the definition according to Merriam-Webster:

Definition of felony

1an act on the part of a feudal vassal … involving the forfeiture of his fee

2aa grave crime formerly differing from a misdemeanor … under English common law by involving forfeiture in addition to any other punishment

ba grave crime (such as murder or rape) declared to be a felony by the common law or by statute regardless of the punishment actually imposed

ca crime declared a felony by statute because of the punishment imposed

da crime for which the punishment in federal law may be death or imprisonment for more than one year.

Essentially any conviction resulting in a one-year sentence or longer constitutes a felony.

At this time, I am not wanting to debate with those who think the 2nd Amendment is it, period, end of discussion.  I firmly believe in the 2nd; however, I also believe in a civilized society.  You would be hard-pressed to convince me that any person convicted of a violent crime using a firearm should be allowed to have legal possession of said tool again.  There are exceptions to this based on details, but I am speaking in general terms for this newsletter.

Types of crime; Blue Collar (typically violent) and White-Collar (typically non-violent).  However blue-collar crimes such as burglary and drugs do not involve firearms.  We use these terms to justify our positions.  What if the conviction and sentence are based on a non-violent crime (i.e. white-collar)?  How does this change one’s perception of an individual’s rights?  The definition of white-collar crime is this: Fraud, based on deceit, concealment, or violation of trust.

How would a felon go about getting their rights restored?  Right now, it is pretty much on them.  They need to hire lawyers, petition courts for reduction to a misdemeanor, expunged, or other legal means of removing the scarlet “F” off of their chest.  Believe it or not, the ATF has/had a program to help with this.  You could try and seek the ATF’s “Relief from Federal Firearms Disability.”   However, in 1992 a move to stop this by Congress went into effect and the ATF was prohibited from expending appropriated funds to investigate or act upon applications.  A nice and convenient way to shut something down without much uproar.

Misdemeanor convictions.  With a nod to all the new “Red Flag Laws” out there it has been and still is illegal for an individual to possess, use, sell firearms if they are under indictment or convicted of domestic violence.  We all know the RFL’s are so dangerous due to the open-ended definitions of who, what, and where along with the stripping of so many other constitutional rights.

Back to the main question.  Should Felons be allowed to own firearms?  The Left is adamant that to do so would lead to more crime.  Almost any left-leaning news outlet supports this.  There is also the view of a strict constitutionalist that believes the 2nd Amendment is the only law.  One thing about the Left is they NEVER clarify what a felon is, it always presumed that a bank teller who took some cash here or there to pay bills or live a life above their means is equal to the bank robber who intimidated, shot or killed bank customers or employees during their crime.  Here is another example, guilty of a crime and convicted, but serves less than 12 months.

“Bill gets involved with the wrong people and finds himself using drugs. Desperate for money to feed his drug habit, he steals money from his employer’s cash register. Bill’s employer informs law enforcement of what he has done, and he is convicted of a felony-level burglary offense and sentenced to 16 months in prison. Andy is mandated to turn his guns over to law enforcement. Because of Bill’s otherwise clean record and good behavior, while incarcerated, he only serves 4 months in prison. Even though he is released early, he is still prohibited from owning a firearm.”

Bill had no police record before nor since this event.  Should Bill have his rights restored?

It is my opinion that this office of the ATF needs to be reopened at the federal level.  At a minimum that State level also but I am not sure how that would mesh with the Federal systems used for the sales of firearms.  A whole other issue I know.  This office already exists, it just needs to be staffed and utilized.  There are a lot of people out there who just made a stupid mistake and are stuck with it for life.  Their lives before-hand, and since they have been law-abiding and contributive to society.  I think they should have a second chance.

Ruling Clarifies That Some White-Collar Felons Can Possess A Firearm

Editorial: Should felons be able to own guns? – Los Angeles Times

Please feel free to respond to this article in the comments section of our website with your opinions.







The Right To Liberty

The 1st Amendment of the Constitution reads:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances”.

The 14th Amendment of the US Constitution states:

“Section. 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws”.

In addition to the 2A, which is our focus on this website, our founding fathers had the foresight to guarantee additional rights. WE THE PEOPLE have the right to PEACEFULLY assemble to protest anything we PERCEIVE the government is doing wrong. Whether they (the elected representatives of our government), like it or not.  Whether they want us to, or not. Whether they like the message, or not. Whether the PRESS likes it or not.

TN Quarantine Protests


Perhaps, even more, concerning than being “told” we can NOT assemble is this:

Connecticut using drones…

This is a CLEAR violation of the 4th Amendment.  Yes, you give up CERTAIN rights when you wander out in public. Your picture being taken for one. This goes WAY beyond a simple photo. Having your Temperature, Heart Rate, and Cough monitored and documented WITHOUT Consent is a search and seizure. If having your bodily functions monitored WITHOUT your consent doesn’t violate an unreasonable seizure, I don’t know what does.





Are we being tested under the guise of “protection”? Our ELECTED Representatives are OPENLY violating our Constitutional rights and liberties. Are they testing to see how many liberties they can take from us before we PEACEFULLY start protesting? How deep of a tear will they make in our Constitution before we take a UNITED stand to stop them?

I don’t have the answers. I know the Corvid-19 virus IS real and it IS taking lives. My heart breaks for those that have lost loved ones and those sick. I also know that we can NOT continue to allow the open and overt removal of our liberties and the Constitution to continue.

The peaceful assemblies taking place are NOT large enough to send a LOUD enough message. There should be THOUSANDS of people at every rally location. Wear a MASK if you feel safer by doing so. YES, socially distance, but get OUT from behind your keyboard! Send those emails, make those phone calls, but unless you fall into a risk category you SHOULD and NEED to be out getting your objections heard.

It’s time to start taking a stand to protect YOUR Rights and Liberties. The rights of your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Once our liberties are gone, they will be GONE forever. Is that what you want? It’s time to make a choice. You either stand up, speak up and PEACEFULLY assemble or you sit behind your keyboard and become a citizen of a Socialist country.


Pictures courtesy of Jessica Phillips-Brezinican 

Tyranny Has Many Faces

It began with an idea…..that a “perfect race” could be created. That they would live in a utopia. A place where everyone believed the same, was healthy and looked the same.

The plan began by eliminating the “disposable.”  The old, the disabled, those with “different” beliefs or that “looked” different than the “standard” that was wanted.  Those that were considered “mentally unstable” or with “aberrant” sexual preferences.

People were forced to stay in their homes. Forced to wear patches on their outer clothing when they ventured out to work or to the grocery that identified them as “different.” Neighbors were instructed to spy on them and report them if they left their homes. They did so. Papers were required to be able to go to and from places of business. Liberties that were previously taken for granted were stripped away….and no-one protested. IF everyone protested at THAT point, perhaps the Holocaust would have been stopped, we will never know….but people remained silent.

Quickly the forced “Home Confinement” escalated to rounding those ordered confined up and using force to remove them from their homes and places of business, leaving everything and everyone behind.  Men, women, and children. No one was safe. They were placed on railroad cars and removed. All because they were NOT what the government deemed as “desired.”

Holocaust Memories

I could NEVER understand how approximately 6 million Jews and 5 million elderly, disabled, homosexual, and those of “non-preferred” religions were killed without protest. How did everyone people go from friends to enemies? How did they rationalize that deliberately turning their “friends” and neighbors over to the Nazis was the right thing to do? These were not strangers. These were people that they had socialized with. Attended weddings and funerals with. Worked with and watched their children play together. How did they develop the mindset that it was the RIGHT thing to do? That it was OK? That these people didn’t deserve the same freedoms that they enjoyed? That they were less than human and in fact, didn’t deserve to live?

 Numbers Killed During Holocaust

Those questions and the question of WHY people allowed their liberties to be stripped from them have haunted me since I first started learning about the Holocaust in school in the early 1970s.

Then, in 1998 a Constitution was re-written. It was written to now include,  free government-provided health care, college, and “social justice”. Things that appealed to those who wanted “free” and punishment for those that didn’t agree with THEIR points of view and positions. Then, in 2004 the Supreme Court was “stacked.” 12 new Justices were appointed to “support” the new President’s views. Then, in 2006 private properties were seized, media outlets, grocery stores, and banks were ALL nationalized. Prices were set on groceries by the government, rules regarding how much money you could withdraw were made and oil and gas prices were established. Not only prices were fixed, but mandates stating WHAT you could purchase, how much and how often were also created. Soon, there were long lines for food and medicine that became exorbitantly expensive as supplies rapidly declined. People who tried to protest were rounded up and imprisoned for speaking against the government. Now, people dig in trash hoping to find food to feed their families. This Country went from being the 10th richest in the world to being amongst the poorest. Welcome to Venezuela in 2020.

Another face of Tyranny

I am watching the BLATANT violation of our Constitutional Rights occur daily…..and I watch YOU do nothing. I watch Officers of the Law openly violate their oaths of office by ticketing those who dare assemble to worship.

Ticketing Worshippers

I watch them enforcing curfews on law-abiding citizens who have done NOTHING….other than stay healthy…..and I watch YOU do nothing. I see you remain silent. Safe in your homes ignoring our liberties being stripped away as you sit, eat popcorn watching NetFlix and typing on Facebook. I see what you write on Facebook. Condemning those who venture out, daring to jeopardize YOUR health. I see your comments applauding a Governors’ decision to stop Sunday worship and make it illegal to attend services. Even when worshipers are sitting securely in their cars in parking lots. Clearly practicing “social distancing” and remaining apart from others.

Yet, I see YOU  venturing out to Home Depot, Target and Walmart. Not wearing a mask and hoarding toilet paper. Apparently, YOUR liberties are more important than your previous friends and neighbors. I see your posts applauding the government’s decision to enforce home confinement and announce phone numbers in which to report violators.

Phone Number to Report Violators

I see the posts on Facebook of people being required to carry “papers” which then “allow” them to travel to and from work.  I see copies of a letter left on a windshield notifying people that they have been “reported” for violating house confinement….and I see YOU remain silent except to applaud.

News Report Video on Forced Removal During Virus

I watch you as you not only remain silent while all this happens, but I watch you follow blindly like sheep what is being mandated. You are being an active participant in HELPING our Liberties be destroyed. Where was your outrage when the Democrats voiced determination to “stack” the Supreme Court IF they win the election in November?

Are you so FEARFUL that you are willing to become a prisoner? Do you not realize you already have ALLOWED yourself to become one? DO you NOT see the parallels? DO you NOT see that the EXACT same tactics we are seeing used for our “protection” have been used by other governments that were tyrannical with horrendous outcomes? I’m NOT saying we’re headed into a Holocaust. However, I AM saying we are seeing the EXACT same loss of liberties. House confinement. Controlled movement. Gatherings, EVEN FOR WORSHIP, eliminated. After all, where people congregate discussion occurs and dissent organizes.

There is NO reason folks can’t go out wearing masks and using hand sanitizer. Practice social distancing and carry on with their lives. There is a
difference between common sense and tyranny. We have crossed that line.

FIND YOUR VOICE. FIND YOUR COURAGE. FIND YOUR STRENGTH. USE THEM ALL before it’s too late. READ THE BILL OF RIGHTS. Once Liberties are gone…THEY ARE GONE. NOW is the time to PEACEFULLY Protest.  Contact our Representatives. ALL of them. ALL our State Representatives. ALL our National Representatives. It’s past the point of simply contacting YOUR specific Representatives. There are plenty of programs out there that will mass send an email for you to ALL of them.  It’s time to start fighting to ensure our liberties are preserved. Before it’s too late.


Fiction Or Possibility?

It started when I was a child. I was too young to be caught up in the why’s.  All I know is one day I wasn’t allowed to play outside with my friends anymore or go to school because people were getting sick. My parents starting fighting a LOT and I couldn’t see my grandparents anymore. I remember we used to go for walks with our dog. One time I saw my best friend across the street walking with her mom. I ran across the street to hug her, and my mom ran after me and stopped me, yelling at me that I couldn’t be close to her. I remember crying and yelling at my mom. My mom told me it was to protect my friend and me.

A few months later, there was a knock at the door.  There were men in military uniforms wearing riot gear and face masks. They told my dad that someone had reported that he had violated “quarantine” and that they were there to talk to us. The men came in and said they were from quarantine enforcement. They told us that someone had reported that my dad had left the house after dark. (It wasn’t true. He had never left the house after dark. Neither had my mom). Dad asked who had reported him.  The men wouldn’t tell him. They handed him a paper he had to sign and told him he would have to pay a fine, and if he did it again, they would be back to take him to jail.

They told my parents that they couldn’t go out of the house for anything except an emergency, doctor’s appointment, or get medicine. They could go out for groceries, but they said the government wanted them to order them to be delivered if they could.   They were reminded that they could NEVER go out after dark without calling for special permission and an escort.

My mom asked about the violence that the news had reported. She wanted to know how they could protect us since all the gun shops in our state were ordered closed while under “emergency declarations.”  One man said that they should just call the police, and they would respond if they could.  The man also said they should report anyone breaking curfew or trading/selling ammunition or firearms to a dedicated phone number.

I remember my parents looking scared after the men had left and trying to guess who had reported my dad. Whoever did it had deliberately lied to cause trouble for my family.  Now we didn’t trust the neighbors.

A few weeks later, there was another knock at the door. This time it was different men. This time, they took my dad away. This time someone had reported he had a gun.


Fiction or Possibility?

Forty-two states currently have what is being called “Stay at Home Orders.”  Essential employees are required to carry “papers” proving they are “allowed” to continue to and from their places of business. Neighbors are being PAID to turn neighbors in for “violating” curfews and “social distancing.”  Schools and playgrounds are closed.  Citizens are being fined and threatened with being arrested for violating curfews and leaving their homes for other than “essential trips.” Grocery stores have limited hours, and some have rationing in place to prevent hoarding. Some areas have activated the National Guard to “assist” in expanding medical care and testing. Cities have stopped responding to some crimes while letting CRIMINALS out from prison and jails early, to “protect” THEM.

While COMMON SENSE precautions ARE necessary, the things we see NOW are WAY beyond that. Homeschooling right now makes sense. Kids pass infections amongst themselves like no other group. They then take it home. It makes sense to prevent that from occurring. It also makes sense to eliminate MASS events. Again, the sheer density of attendance of concerts and sporting events makes rapid transmission and spread inevitable.

However, in our opinion, restaurants SHOULD have been allowed to stay open WITH restrictions. I.e. no more than than 5 tables or 10 patrons allowed in at a time OR if space allowed no more than four tables in a section and eight patrons in a section (think how big your local Olive Garden or comparable local eatery is. They could EASILY have accommodated that). Same with shops. No more than five customers in a small shop, 10 for medium and 10 per 100 sqft for large). Masks required—no need to shut down businesses and folks’ livelihood. If people want to take the risk of going out, they have the consequences of being sick and bringing it home. THAT’S ON THEM.

ONLY those with PREEXISTING documented autoimmune, cardiac, or respiratory illnesses or with those fitting that criteria IN THEIR HOME would be ALLOWED to CHOOSE to stay at home and collect supplement unemployment. The rest of the folks work or stay at home and live off their saving.

Harsh? Why aren’t folks saving? It’s not the government’s responsibility to support you unless something unexpected and catastrophic happens to you.

We are ALLOWING our liberties to be removed one at a time. QUARANTINE is supposed to be the isolation of those SICK (think back to TB Sanctuary Hospitals). It is NOT to limit the movement of the HEALTHY. THAT is TYRANNY  and should NEVER be permitted. We are idling sitting in our homes while the First Amendment Right to Assemble has been dismantled. We are no longer “permitted” to assemble,  EVEN IN OUR VEHICLES IN THE PARKING LOT in some states, to attend religious services. Yet standing in line to get into a Lowe’s, Walmart or HomeDepot is. We certainly are not permitted to assemble to protest the quarantine. 


We see the 2A under attack. Even WITH the President’s order declaring gun stores and Firearm manufacturing essential, we see states like CA and VA continue to close stores and implement laws against possessing firearms.How many more Liberties and Constitutional Rights are you willing to watch fall before your voice starts rising? Have you emailed and phoned your Representatives? Are you going to stand silent while your Inalienable Right to defend yourself and your community is taken away?  Once our rights are gone, they are gone, getting them back may be daunting. Are you willing to risk that? If not, SPEAK UP. We are not talking about being a Keyboard Warrior on FACEBOOK. Contact your Representatives! Local, State, and National. Go on record with your opposition!

How Does the Pandemic Affect the 2nd Amendment? Perhaps more than we think!

Editors Note: We have deliberately kept discussion of COVID-19 OFF the website, as we want to keep discussion FOCUSED on the 2A. However, we are seeing to more and more evidence that the pandemic is being used as a political tool to suppress your Constitutional Rights. The views in this article are the views of the guest contributor and do not necessarily the reflect 
views of the 2A Movement staff. 

Under Constant Attack by the Left….

Our 2nd Amendment Rights have been threatened more than ever in the past decade as anti-gun groups push for gun control legislation.  Democrats have targeted the 2nd Amendment in order to gain votes and to maintain control and power, while gun confiscation is the hidden agenda of the United Nations.  The 2nd Amendment sets us apart from any other country in the world – without it we would become vulnerable to dictatorship. 

We have seen the hate for President of the United States to ASTOUNDING measures.  In fact, no President in the history of America has ever been so attacked while in office.

Can we blame Obama for everything?  Of course not.  What is happening in our country started long before Obama.

Behind the scenes ……

Many Democratic Governors calling for people to “stay home” shut down many local “non-essential” businesses, including many gun stores.   Gun owners everywhere found themselves unable to buy weapons or ammunition in a time where violence has the potential to skyrocket, especially with people being out of work.  After the situation was brought to the President’s attention he was quick to “declare” gun shops “essential” businesses.

Additionally, Democrats certainly wasted no time submitting  H.R. 5717 before the House floor, which is one of the biggest gun control bills in the history of our nation.  The bill discusses limiting ownership to “only” those with permits, and included background checks and registration of all sales, etc.

Similarly, while negotiating “relief” for those affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, many of the Democrats and their leader, Pelosi, had no problem delaying assistance for the American people in order to assure their interests and agenda was represented in the bill. Why would funding the Kennedy Center of Fine Arts $25 M dollars be more important than American’s who are suffering? Or the Center for Humanities? Why were they willing to withhold help to AMERICAN CITIZENS until they got their pork?

Interestingly enough the Democrats are using the deaths related to the COVID-19 in order to criticize Trump for his actions and handling of the situation concerning COVID-19.  In an interview Pelosi has already stated that, “Trump was too slow in acting,” and “this was something that warranted investigating.” Any smell another Impeachment Hearing coming yet?

Constant Attacks …..and Hatred

Michael Bloomberg, previously a Democratic candidate for the office of President, was quick to join forces with “anti-gun” activists group Mom’s Demand Action in efforts to attack gun ownership in America.   Bloomberg has invested millions of dollars in the campaign for gun control by bankrolling Mom’s Demand Action and establishing Everytown for Gun Safety.

Biden, Warren, Sanders, Bloomberg, and every candidate that was running for the Presidency was promising gun control measures and threatening the 2nd Amendment “rights” in this country under the Constitution, while pushing their socialistic agenda’s such as health care for all, abortion and many others including their support of the United Nations.

It was obvious after the Impeachment Hearing that the Democrats were totally against the President.  Not to mention all the ads where various politicians called for violence against both Trump and his supporters.

Could a “tailspin” in the Economy Cost Trump the Presidency?


Millions of American’s are now on unemployment as we watch the stock market plummet.  Many lost their jobs and ability to support their families as a result of “social distancing” measures recommended by the CDC and NIH and NIAID, which are all a part of the Health and Human Services in the US, and the WHO.

Having ones’ financial circumstances threatened for weeks and possibly months by the shut down of many area businesses across the country has lead to much controversy over social distancing in America.   While I am not going to talk about the Corona-Virus specifically and focus on the 2nd Amendment, I will say individual beliefs regarding issues like  social distancing and whether or not the death rate warrants such drastic measure that have the potential of destroying our economy and causing a great recession is not only dividing this country further, but also dividing gun owners as a whole.   As a result, Democrats as well as some Republicans have started criticizing the President for what they feel is unnecessary “social distancing” and financial hardships caused by the shut down of many businesses that has lead to the loss of incomes and financial instability and inability to provide for their families.

Currently several states have called in the National Guard to assist with supplies and setting up additional treatment facilities.  Yet many remember the tragedy of Katrina when the calling in of the National Guard to help with rescue efforts resulted in gun confiscation from residents that had refused to comply with leaving their home during the evacuation.  Although there was a court order to return the citizens property, some still report that their property was not returned.  As a result, many gun owners fear the possibility of “Martial Law” being enacted to enforce “Stay Home Orders” by various Democratic governors across the country that are being hit the hardest, such as New York and California.   Gun owners believe that the governors in blue states will use this as an opportunity for gun confiscation and further infringements on the 2nd Amendment.   These beliefs are justified by the previous actions of both the governor of California and Virginia as well as others that have spoken against the 2nd Amendment.

So could the loss of ones’ job and incomes that are vital in providing for ones’ family be a pivotal point that causes some gun owners to turn their backs on the President and vote for the opposing candidate? Possibly!

Should Democrats Gain Control? 

If the Democrats can tank the economy and prevent Trump from getting re-elected, regain control of both the House and the Senate, and have a Democratic President in office – it is a win-win situation for them.

The worst thing that gun owners can do right now is to divide.   Without a the “united” front that was shown by gun owners across the state of Virginia and those that attended the huge Rally in Virginia we are no longer a voice or political threat to Democratic party.   Rest assured that the Democrats would like nothing more than to see division among gun owners which would enable them to pass gun control legislation with little to no resistance.

Should Democrats gain control you can rest assured that they will re-write the Constitution ONE BILL AT A TIME or  could enact the 28th AMENDMENT that abolishes gun ownership in this country altogether.

How Possible Is a 28th Amendment? 

What could happen if a 28th Amendment was proposed by Congress with a Democratic majority?   Congress could introduced an Amendment in one of two ways:  1) by passing both houses with 2/3’s vote and then being sent to the states legislators for ratification;  or 2)  proposed by congress and ratified by a Convention of the States.   Either way ratification of an Amendment would require a 3/4 vote or for 38 states to agree.

Additionally, there are two other ways to Amend the Constitution without ratification.  The first is called Informal Amendment.”   First, “Informal Amendment” can occur for two reasons:  either a “change in circumstances” or when it is proven that the “meaning changed over time.”   Both reasons for an “Informal Amendment” have been used before.  An example under “change in circumstances” was changing the voting age to extend the right to  a larger group.  Changing an Amendment when “meaning changed over time”  involves the judicial  system and determines how an Amendment will be viewed – an examples would be how we viewed such things as marriage and abortion .  Lastly, an Amendment can or changed by the popular vote of the people through a  “national vote” and thus, is called the “Popular Amendment,” although this method has never been used.

While ratification has been used several times through legislation, it would be much easier to enact an “Informal Amendment” with control of both houses.   Similarly, while a “Popular Amendment” has never been enacted  “if” a party believed that there was enough support they could call for a national vote.   Either of these avenues could be devastating to our 2nd Amendment rights.

So what can we do?   

The answer is pretty obvious!                                                                                           

  1. Stay United
  2. Stay Home
  3. Remain Calm
  4. Keep up to date on Gun Legislation and what is happening
  5. Continue to push for 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties – most of your commissioner’s phone numbers are online
  6. Continue to Prepare
  7. AND STOP CRITICIZING THE PRESIDENT  for trying to protect the American people in this difficult situation – undecided voter’s are listening to our negative remarks about the President!
  8. And do what you can to help others!  That is what being American is all about!

Remember:  We need to protect the 2nd Amendment and to do that we need Trump to be re-elected! 

God Bless America!





Is The 2A Safe While Our Legislators Are Out Of Session?

In a word NO! IF anything, it’s in even MORE danger. 


While we are ALL being, rightly so, concerned about our health and being prepared for whatever comes, there is PLENTY of behind the scenes discussion and negotiations going on about HOW to further dismantle the 2A.

How do I know this? I will use Nacy Pelosi and her attempt to ram a 1400 page Bill through Congress last month as an example. The Bill that “supposedly” was written in two days? Yeah right. 1400 pages in TWO days. Filled with pork, supporting the “New Green Deal”, forcing Companies to restructure to include mandatory percentages of women on their boards, etc. There is NO way this bill was conceived with the detail great it contained and written out in two days. That BIll is a solid example of the “behind the scenes” work that goes on while no one is looking.

Pelosi’s 1400 Page Bill

Let’s look at the states and a few counties/municipalities that have mandated gun stores CLOSE during the pandemic. A few of the orders have been reversed after courts ruled against them. Many still stand and are currently being challenged in court.

3/19 PA

3/20 NY

3/21 NJ

3/23 MA

3/24 MI   Does not include gun stores on the list of essential businesses.

3/24 NM

3/24 WA

3/24 VT

3/25 VA   Does not include gun stores on the list of essential businesses.

3/25 CA (Newsom left gun stores OFF the list of essential businesses. Stating that it is up to the individual counties. Of course, being CA a large percentage voted to close them. Numerous lawsuits have already been filed in counties).

3/25 D.C. Does not include gun stores on the list of essential businesses.

DE (Reversed its decision to close gun stores on 3/25)

3/29 AK Gun stores are not on the list of essential businesses.

Thankfully we have a President in the White House that understands not only the 2A as the law of the land but the vital IMPORTANCE of enforcing that right. ESPECIALLY during times of uncertainty such as during the pandemic. On March 30 President Trump declared not only Gun Stores as ESSENTIAL Businesses but shooting ranges and weapon manufacturers as well. This opens the door to the challenges that are in the courts being successful. As the orders to CLOSE the Gun Stores and Ranges violate the President’s Order.







The TN legislative session is scheduled to resume in June. WE CAN NOT STOP letting our state legislatures know where WE THE PEOPLE stand on the 2A. Use this time to email ALL your Representatives. Both on the state and national levels. Let them know where you stand. They may not be in session, or in their offices, but they ARE reading the emails that they receive. STAY engaged. Not only with National Legislation regarding the COVID-19 issues but the 2A as well. Trust me, Bloomberg’s groups are STILL working. (Although I would LOVE to know how many of the 2.5 million firearms purchased last month were made by FORMER Moms Demand Action and EVerytown Members). In fact, if you know any members of those groups, now if probably a good time to have conversations with them about the importance of the 2A. As more uncertainty arises, they may be more receptive to actually LISTEN. It’s worth a try.

Be safe everyone. Stay healthy, WASH YOUR HANDS and as always. Be aware. God Bless and pray for our Nation and her people.