Washington County Update

I spoke to the Mayor for Washington County TN and several of the county’s commissioners. At first some of the commissioners were not fully aware of what Red Flag Laws were and the potential affects they could have upon law abiding citizens of the community. After briefly discussing the devastating affects that Red Flag Laws and other unconstitutional gun laws could have by hindering our rights to protect ourselves they all were in support of the 2A under the Constitution and in favor of the idea of becoming a 2A Sanctuary County. I provided the Mayor with at least 3 Resolutions from surrounding counties as he requested via email. Washington County TN is a Metro Area and has various boards and commissions prior to the actual vote (per the Mayor); however, the Mayor was very positive and stated that he “believed that Washington County would adopt a resolution in Jan. 2020.”

Granger County Commission Meeting

Do not wear Red or Orange, it tends to be what the opposition wears. Be sure to get as many pro-2A women to attend as possible, the opposition typically uses women to further their agenda so having our own women helps to act as a counter. ALWAYS be courteous and do not fight with the opposition. Be a 2A role model, the Commissioners will appreciate it and it speaks well of the gun community in general.

Grainger County consists of Bean Station, Blaine and Rutledge. County Legislature Meetings are the 2nd Monday of Each Month at 7:00p.m., Sessions Courtroom

Let your Commissioners know your Stand on the 2A Resolution Revolution!

Hello 2A Patriots.  A little bit more history on the 2 Amendment movement in Sevier County.

A form was developed that could be emailed, filled out, and then sent to your commissioner.  They could also be printed and handed out.

We believed this was a good way for those who may just want a concise, simple form that is easy to complete.  It also keeps the messages equal and not all over the place.

I encourage you to think about doing a hand out to the public. the same in your counties. It is a great away to raise public awareness. Remember, the vast majority of the public receives their information from the main stream media and has NO idea of the war on the 2A.

I have added the file.  Make sure you change the county name, and any other information needed, to customize it to YOUR county and your county’s specific needs.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form to let us know. We would be glad to help you in any way we can to organize, get the word out and connect you to others in your county.

Generic 2A Support Letter to Commissioners v2

2A Support Signature Petition Download

Hello 2A Patriots.  A little history on the 2 Amendment movement in Sevier County. When we were gathering steam for a 2A resolution for Sevier County we wanted to have viable data to give the commissioners if requested.  We did a Change. org petition and gathered all the data from that.  But we also did a paper petition.  We had over 40 locations that allowed us place the petitions at their businesses.  We collected them weekly as to capture data and prevent the loss of potential signatures.  We also manned tables at local stores.  There were only a few minor negative comments but a lot of questions. We believe having this data helped in our success with the Resolution passing. I encourage you to think about doing the same in your counties. It also serves as a way to get the word out to the public. I have added 3 versions for use all in .docx format.  So they can be edited.  2A Petition Form 100 2A Petition Form 250 2A Petition Form 500.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form to let us know. We would be glad to help you in any way we can to organize, get the word out and connect you to others in your county.

2A Petition for Download

This is a petiton that can be customized to your county. Let us know if we can be of any help to you forming your committee or organizing rally’s. We can connect you with others that have been successful in helping their counties obtain 2A Sanctuary status. Simply fill out the Contact form on this website and let us know how we can help! Complete the volunteer form so we have your information to connect you with others in our county!


2A Petition Form 100

Why is the 2nd Amendment so Important?

The 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution states that “..the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed”. Why is that so important?

That question is asked and debated around our great Nation hundreds of times each day. By lobbyists, Politicians, Lawyers, Law Enforcement, and regular folks like you and me. By people that support the 2 Amendment as well as folks who want to see it destroyed.

History has taught us WHY our Forefathers thought the 2nd Amendment was essential to have. They wanted to ensure WE THE PEOPLE would ALWAYS have the ability to protect our Nation from tyranny. The wounds of oppression were fresh in the minds, hearts, and souls of our new Nation. Our Forefathers never wanted the coming generations of Americans to experience the horrors of what they, their neighbors, families, and the New Nation had experienced.  They wanted us to be FREE.

The Revolutionary war ended, officially, on September 3, 1783, when the Peace of Paris was signed. It took four more years, almost exactly, until we had our Constitution. The Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787.

The first 10 Amendments set forth are VERY important, INALIENABLE Rights.

The Right to Bear Arms wasn’t the only Right our Forefathers felt was needed to be written down. In addition to always having the inalienable right to fight tyranny and defend ourselves, they also wanted to ensure Americans would always have the right to protest against the government. Peacefully, using the pen and paper. This Right ensures our voices will ever be heard. The Right to Refuse to house troops in our homes, the insurance we would have the right to be secure. That homes and personal property would always be safe against unreasonable search and seizures. Rights that force the courts to ensure warrants have just cause proven before they are issued. Our Rights of due process, preventing the illegal seizure of our personal property.  The prohibition of double jeopardy or self-incrimination. Our Right to a lawyer, reasonable bail and fines, no false imprisonment, a speedy trial, a jury trial in criminal and civil cases, and no cruel and unusual punishment. These rights ensure we can’t be tortured or punished for speaking out. They also ensure we have protection against being railroaded into being convicted of a crime.  Rights NOT found in the Constitution can not be infringed on either.  Powers not explicitly granted to the Federal Government in the Constitution belong to the States or to the people themselves. (Although some reasonably argue that this Amendment has already fallen).

ALL the Amendments are all so closely tied to one another.  If we as a Nation lose the means to protect ourselves from tyranny, as guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment, what would happen?  If the 2nd Amendment falls, we have NO WAY to stop tyranny and defend ourselves. If the 2nd Amendment falls, so fall ALL the rest.

It’s easy for a government to silence the voice that protests wrong and tyranny. Simply arrest them. No lawyer present, no bail set, no trial held. Imprison them. Imprison family members and others that dare peacefully protest or speak out against the unjustness of it. Cast THEM from their homes. Assign troops to march the streets to “keep the peace” while forcing citizens to house the troops. 

Before we realize it, the OTHER Amendments have also fallen. Sadly, we see this very scenario being played out on our televisions daily in countries and cities around the world whose citizens do not enjoy the Constitutional protections that we do. Hong Kong is the most recent example.

The 2nd Amendment is now under attack to the degree it has NEVER been before. We are watching this war on the 2nd Amendment, (because WAR IS what it is), being fought RIGHT NOW in Virginia. Virginia has become the powder keg of which the 2nd Amendment currently rests. Daily, the Virginia State Legislature is introducing bills specifically written to destroy the Rights guaranteed to its citizens by the 2nd Amendment. Not only the Nation, but the world is watching.

Philosophy & Mission Statement

The 2nd Amendment Sanctuary moment’s purpose is to preserve and protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. To peacefully stand against any proposed and/or passed laws that infringe on those rights and violate the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. We stand against Red Flag Laws.

The purpose of this website is to gather and disseminate information.  We will be collecting and sharing information regarding meetings and gatherings of groups active in preserving the 2nd Amendment and opposing Red Flag Laws.  Our intent is to join 2nd Amendment supporters with others to stand against such laws that hinder, modify or remove our 2nd Amendment Rights; We encourage others to stand together to promote and gain support for 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties & States by providing us information to share with others. The goal is to spread the word of the movement and become a central location for supporters to obtain information.