Candidate/Representative Forum


We have started inviting Candidates and Representatives across Tennessee to post their positions on the issues that matter MOST to their constituents, YOU! 

As we receive their responses, we will post them HERE. If you DON’T see a response from YOUR local, state, or Federal Representatives, we encourage you to reach out to them directly and encourage them to participate.  We will NOT be editing the responses, nor will we be providing them with a “list” of questions. (Yes, we were asked). We want their opinions to be their OWN.  We are also asking them to provide a brief bio — a way for them to introduce themselves to you.

I  received a phone call 1/31/2020 @ 2:20 P.M. from “Bill” in Rep. Roe’s office. He stated that he does not believe at this time “Congressman Roe is interested in submitting his opinion on the current 2A issues”.

Aaron-Pettigrew-US Senate Candidate-Response

EARLY Aaron Pettigrew 2A Position Video

Jason Knight Response

2AEditorial-Tomothy Hill


We sent Jason Potts via his official website a personal invitation to participate on 2/20. To date we have not received a response.