Changes Are Coming

There has been a period of silence on our website. Intentionally. We made the decision NOT to cover Covid on it as we wanted to keep the website strictly focused on the 2A.

Of course, everything shut down and Covid related issues were the only things discussed in Legislative sessions (when they occurred), on the State and Federal levels.

Then, George Floyd. Our country was UNITED in its outrage. NO ONE like’s bad cops. NO ONE…well, except those that saw an opportunity.

BLM took a horrific, tragic situation that should NEVER have occurred, and turned it into an agenda to destroy. An agenda that has NOTHING to do with racial injustice and inequality. It’s has EVERYTHING to do with tearing apart and dividing our Nation.

I challenge you to go to the BLM website. They openly admit to being Marxist. Marxism has nothing to to with racial equality folks. In fact, ALL citizens have few rights in a Marxist nation. Color is irrelevant. EVERYONE lives in fear and poverty. EVERYONE except the elite. THEY will have plenty of food, clothing, water and protection. The rest of the “peasants”? Not so much.

BLM wants to DESTROY our Nation. They HATE America and want her destroyed. BLM is willing to loot and destroy BLACK and white communities in order to cause an open civil war. While very communities they “claim” to represent and support burn, they cheer.

How do we know they could care less about the black community? Look at what BLM IGNORES. Look at what they DON’T do. The BLM movement turns a blind eye to the horrendous level black on black crime. Black lives DO matter, but NOT to BLM. If black lives REALLY mattered to BLM …they would be taking over cities like Chicago and cleaning up the mess there. They would be working within black communities and helping keep kids in school and black families together. They would be developing community programs to UNITE not tear apart. Programs to encourage DISCUSSION between races to build bridges, not burn them down. BLM would NOT be encouraging violence, defacing war memorials and tearing down statues. They would NOT be encouraging looting and burning down cities. They would be modeling Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.

As a result of current event, we have decided to change the direction of our movement and website. Previously, we have been careful to focus on the 2A. With our nation so divided and under serious attack from WITHIN we feel it is important to focus on not only the 2A, (we will NEVER stop defending the 2A or following 2A related legislation). However, we feel it’s vital to take a more investigatory form with both Constitutional and current even issues.

Folks NEED to know what’s going on. They need to know the WHO’s as well.

We will be announcing a name change and a website change soon.

Stay safe, stay healthy and keep your heads level.