Ladies, Tell Us Your WHY

Women carry firearms for the same reason men do. PROTECTION. Women have learned that THEY are their own FIRST line of defense. They KNOW that they are physically vulnerable and sadly, there are preditors ou there that look upon women and children as prey.

We asked ladies across the United States to share their WHY. WHY they made the personal decision to carry a firearm. Here are a few of the responses we received.

If you would like to submit your WHY please send it to We will only reveal your first name, city, and state UNLESS you instruct us not too.

Thank you, ladies, for sharing your WHY.

We also want to extend a special thank you to our friend David over at the national Sanctuary Counties website for helping us get the word out about this page!



 I carry because this World is EVIL, has been for a long time. NEVER again will someone hurt or force me to do something. If I would have been carrying at 16 (yes I know  people say that’s to young) I wouldn’t have endured the drugging, beatings & rapes. I am not licensed. I have the God given right to carry and will never allow myself to be hurt again.

I choose to carry because there is evil in this world and I can’t predict when and where it will pop up. If it happens near me or to me I cannot afford to wait several minutes for authorities to arrive. I AM my first line of defense and more often than not my children’s also. Jen-TN

I choose to carry to defend and protect myself, my children and/or anyone who is with me. I am thankful that I have the right to carry, and will always exercise that right and enjoy every second of being able to!                           Sara- Knoxville TN

I carry because I no longer feel safe in the world that I live in today. No longer is our world safe as it was when I was a young child. More often than not, we have muggings, violent attacks over political or religious choices and increased violence in domestic relationships that spill over to women in general. Gang-related violence between children and teens. Violence against the elderly. There is no longer regard for human life. No longer do I feel my children and grandchildren are safe. I will protect those I love through my choice to carry. I will protect those that I live through continued firearms training. I will carry to safeguard my 2A right and proudly stand to fight for that right! -Vincenza, CT 

I choose to carry because I’m the first line of defense for my family. In a world where evil can raise its head, I’m going to be prepared. 
Denise- Dandridge TN 

I choose to carry because there’s so much evil in the world today. Just running down to the corner grocery could quickly turn violent, and if that happens I want to be prepared.

I carry because I want to do everything I possibly can to keep my loved ones safe. I also like knowing that should I ever get caught up in a mass shooting I will have the means to fight back and hopefully save some innocent lives.
I carry because in today’s world it just seems irresponsible not to.

Our world seems to have a lot more crime now than it did 20, 30, or 50 years ago.  As a single female, I carry to protect myself and others.  This world has become so evil; people have no respect for others or the elderly.   Iʻm not able to fight off a man who is bigger than me, especially if his intention is to rob, rape, kidnap, or carjack me.  A gun provides me with additional security to protect myself.
Goldie Cross – Kingsport, TN

Because I’m too fat to run away, too old to take an ass whoopin’, and too stubborn to let you hurt someone else-Amanda, TN