Knox County, TN – 2A Win! Commission meeting video

Hello everyone!

If you had not heard, Knox County passed a 2A Sanctuary Resolution!  This is a HUGE deal as it is a very large Metro area for Tennessee!

I am attaching a link to the meeting that was conducted live/online due to…. well… you know.  I plan on going over it again and take the time to make discussion/rebuttal points for those looking to make future presentations to their respective County Commissions.  We are sitting at 66 counties now in Tennessee that have passed some form of 2A statement.  The 2A Resolution segment starts at 01:11:22.


Knox County Commissioner Meeting. 2A Resolution



This would have been the meeting for the formal vote and acceptance of the 2A Resolution.  At this point the meeting is still scheduled but it is not sure if the Resolution will be put forward for discussion or vote.  It may be moved to April.

If this moves forward it is at this point not know if speakers will be able to speak but OBVIOUSLY all hands on deck are needed.  The Main room holds up to 440 people.  It would be awesome to have command.  I would also like to ask people entering to go to their left and sit if allowed.  That way the commissioners see us on their right.  Of course this is all subject to these new “Social Distancing” protocols.

If this does move forward, be Respectful.  NO OUTBURSTS as that will hinder more than help.  However when we win…. wink wink.

Do not wear Red or Orange, it tends to be what the opposition wears. Be sure to get as many pro-2A women to attend as possible, the opposition typically uses women to further their agenda so having our own women helps to act as a counter. ALWAYS be courteous and do not fight with the opposition. Be a 2A role model, the Commissioners will appreciate it and it speaks well of the gun community in general.

Knox County Commission meeting March 30th, 5 pm @400 Main St.

-Kevin Wharton


Knox County Resolution Update

There is a Resolution moving through the process for Knox County! I have seen it and it  looks good.

It is my belief that Knox County should be approached by using facts, stated with tact.  Supported facts is the only way to counter the oppositions  arguments.  Most of their opposition (by opposition I mean ANY one group, organization or individual, that thrive on disinformation, threats and creating chaos to avoid addressing facts), can easily be derailed if you have factual knowledge and do not act the way they WANT you to be portrayed.

The oppositions usual points of attack are:

  • Claims that the resolution supports/hides individuals who under current law cannot own/possess firearms
  • That “Common Sense” dictates that guns equal crime.  No matter who owns them
  • That Extreme Orders of Protection and Red Flag laws will stop violent gun crimes
  • That businesses and people with not come to Knox based on it being a 2A haven.

There are others, including the medical field, who believe that they should be able to intervene if they decide there is a threat.

It is our job as responsible gun owners to counter these.

When  Knox County becomes a 2A Sanctuary County,  then the other remaining two stars (Nashville and Memphis) are in the movements sights.

There are many groups out there helping and pushing towards the same goal.  Hopefully,  everyone continues to work toward that goal, becoming a united course.

Call/Email your Commissioners, Mayors and other County officials!  Use  factual statistics that counter the oppositions lies and half truths. DO NOT lose your temper or set a negative tone (or allowed yourself to be sucked into a conversation that is clearly deteriorating).   In my opinion, ANY tone that can be construed as threatening  will do FAR more harm to the movement than remaining silent and is best to be avoided AT ALL costs.

Sevier County was approached with a strong feeling of passing without opposition, but we also knew that could chance. We did the work!  We were prepared,  and spoke to the Commission in a logical and factual way.  Know all the affected amendments, not just the 2nd. Know the IMPORTANCE of the 2A and not just for the inalienable right to defend yourself and your family. I strongly encourage you to read the articles on this website that explain in detail about the importance of the 2A.